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My New York Journal- Part 1



It’s been all of two minutes & I am already bored. The line is out the door & around the corner. I can hear whispers of nerves & every face is full of excitement & exhaustion. This is the fifth casting of the day and it’s only 11.00am. My feet have officially lost all feeling thanks to my shoes & I’ve just realised that these jeans were are big mistake. Well actually it’s probably not the jeans that were the mistake, it’s more likely to have been the three bottles of water and two coffees. I couldn’t help it!! A day in this city on foot is like running a marathon.

Busting to pee. Busting to pee. Busting to pee. That is now all I am thinking about. Pee. Pee. Pee. Dear god! I am a child. I see no bathroom in sight & definitely no girl who’d be willing to hold my place in the line even if there was a bathroom to run too. Time to distract myself with thoughts. What rhymes with pee?

OK I am just going to have to settle in & suck it up! I can clock up some people watching. Or as I prefer to call it, research. As I watch people, I realise that watching the back of their heads isn’t all that fascinating. There are a few girls however that keep turning to look at me. Maybe they know me? I suppose they might recognise me from the blog? It’s only my first week in New York though…surely I am a nobody here.

They wouldn’t recognise an Australian blogger anyway? Everyone in this city is a blogger or a FSMP (aka Famous Social Media Person)… Should I ask them & use it as a way of introducing myself? Or is that arrogant? Probably. No I can’t ask. I was even too shy to link my portfolio with my blogs social media platforms. Using my personal accounts just seemed so much more … humble. But as usual, my Melbourne booker had the last word. I suppose she made a point when she told me that it was my blogs followers on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter that was what got me to NYC in the first place.

F*** that reminds me… I haven’t posted a picture for the agency yet. They want to track my travels by having me post, @ and # at each casting during the lead up to NYFW… #cantbef’d…

But I should. It’s the least I could do after all their work getting me this VISA. I swear to god that travelling as a model these days feels as if I am constantly a suspect for international crime. I can’t help but feel I’ll be instantly deported on arrival due to the hoops they make you jump through during the application process. And unfortunately in my case, it’s not a rare occasion when I tick the wrong box.

  • Are you Male or Female? I’m a chickybabeeee… MALE. Wrong.
  • Do you have wood or food items to declare? Unless gum counts, I don’t think so. YES. Wrong again. Why do they insist people use pens!
  • Do you have more than 10000USD on you? Ha! Yeah I wish!! YES. .no you don’t! New form please!
  • Are you carrying any animal parts with you? Ew No!!!! YES. F***
  • Have you been in South Africa over the past 6days? Just shopping in Singapore! YES. Wtf! The answer is NO! Back of the line dumbass.

But even so, a NYC legal team, 14 reference letters & a million tear sheets seems a little over the top for a 21 year old girl who spends her time writing a blog about the best cupcakes in Melbourne & posing for Target catalogues for a living. I am hardly a threat to this city!

Back to the point. Photo. Ok… so how should I play this? What the hell am I going to take a photo of? The girl in front of me looks young & cute…maybe I can ask her to partake in a selfie with me? Um No. Way too shy for that. Ok what else can I take a picture of? There is honestly nothing else around that screams “NYFW Casting”. Oh hang on I see something… Yes there it is. The line of 100 + gorgeous giants in front of me. Dickhead. Thank god no one hears my train of thoughts. Imagine that!! I wonder if people will be able to in the future… You could sell ad space in peoples mind……….

FOCUS! Right sorry. Ok I’ll just snap a photo of the models in line. Looks all artsy-fartsy thanks to the numerous sets of legs wearing different shades of high waisted jeans.


Stay tuned for the next edition of this Aussie models journal entry…


Model Diaries #1 The Best & Worst Part Of Modeling



As featured on OYSTER MAGAZINE

By Bridget Hollitt – @bhollitt – IdleClutter

Backstage hustle, honesty, and a whole lot of popcorn.

I asked a bunch of my friends to tell me about their best/worst moments in modelling, and what their dreams are. Answers are anonymous to keep it real. Introducing the jumbled thoughts of a jumble of models backstage!

The Best

– Travelling, meeting awesome people who have changed my life and taught me so much.

– Walking exclusively for Prada.

– The people you get to meet. You literally make so many friends all over the world, learn more about culture and history through them than you ever would studying.

– The part of modelling that I love is being apart of the creative process of design. Often we get to experience the birth of a design, from being a bundle of different fabrics to something with life and character, that’s a pretty special thing to see happen.

– Modelling has helped me to open my eyes to other cultures of the world. I would’ve never been able to see the things I’ve seen if I didn’t model.

– The travel, the friends, getting free blow dries, and free pics for tinder.

– In an industry like this, the creative visions and exciting ideas have no limits and there are no boundaries when it comes to creating something you love. Every day I feel beyond lucky to live in a world where I am constantly inspired.

– Best experience would have to be going to Bali, the first trip totally changed my view on the world and was just an all round great time.

– Best part of the job for me would have to be actually doing my thing infront of the camera it’s such a good feeling when you and the photographer know it’s great, it’s a great feeling.

The Worst

– The waiting. I’ve spent 17 hours waiting for fittings sitting in an empty lobby with no wifi. 4 days in a row.

– When I got a third degree burn on my scalp from a crimper at fashion week.

– It was a smaller fashion show in New Zealand and the changing room was in a covered car park in the middle of winter. We spent hours waiting around in the freezing cold, barefoot and definitely not dressed for winter weather.




– The hardest part would probably be learning to deal with rejection. It’s hard to learn that you can’t take things too personally and that the jobs you do or don’t do don’t define or diminish you as a person.

– The blurred feeling between being made to feel extremely special to in-humane at times, being touched and pulled at constantly, a lot of people sometimes forgetting you’re human. Feeling like a “diva” if you speak up about anything even if you’re genuinely in pain, concerned etc.

– When bookers at my agency tried to use cheap manipulative tactics like money and the fear of being ‘dropped’ to get me to do something I really didn’t want to. Usually I feel like they truly have my back so this was a bit of a blow.

– Eating healthy and only healthy is really difficult because you get into a headspace of constantly thinking about everything you’re eating and it’s not that you’re starving yourself but if you eat the tiny bit of chocolate you will not stop thinking about it, and that can really effect your confidence.

– Nude underwear…the worst.


– To be honest the worst part of the job for me is the feeling of not having a home. I mean of course theres always where you grew up, where your parents live but its hard for models to have a place of their own because we go to so many different cities. We can’t necessarily have a partner or a pet in a little apartment somewhere until you really establish your career somewhere, where you know you’ll get work no matter what time of the year it is.

– I feel that people outside the fashion industry have an extremely warped perception of what modelling actually involves. There’s a layer of gloss that creates this mystical utopia where models have constant glamorous, high paying shoots, free clothes and amazing parties. It washes straight over all the 5am call times, the lack of personal space and the 10 hour days of look books changing through 100+ outfits in shoes 2 sizes too small.

– The fashion industry can be very superficial. It’s not very fulfilling to talk about appearances all day everyday. I find that it’s very hard to meet people in life whom you have a genuine connection with and even harder to find that in this industry.

– Shaving my legs every day!

– There are times when I feel as if I’m not even recognised as something with feelings, having my hair pulled in every single direction, my hair being ripped out and bobby pins being stuck into my scalp whilst my face is getting progressively irritated by the constant removal and applying of makeup.

– Watching friends feel worthless because of their size. For girls who really want this it’s heart breaking to see them struggle to succeed against a numerical standard of body size, on top of all the other moulds people in this industry insist you fit.

– There’s a lot of pressure. It’s not just you that runs your life, it’s an agency or sometimes even multiple agencies. Just because I’m a model and I’m young people automatically think that they’ve got an opinion of what I should be doing with my life. My life, my choices. My body, my food. Also just because I’m a model doesn’t mean that I don’t have feelings. Everyone assumes that what they say won’t hurt us. But if someone tells me to eat one more time, I’ll probably cry (not really but it’s really not nice when people say that)

– The unpredictability.

The Ultimate

– To be a Victoria’s Secret model.

– To be able to make a career out of acting. To be able to do what I love and create and perform, while making a living off it would be a dream. Also being surrounded by friends and family while doing so would be an ideal world.

– When I’m gone, I want people to remember my name and say it with respect for whatever it is I did while I was around.

– I haven’t figured out what I want to do yet, where I want to go. But my dream is to travel the world, and not just stay in hotels with resorts and spas, but actually camp on the side of mountains and in rainforests, I want to help build animal shelters and make a difference in the world.



– I think there’s a lot more to life than just working non stop and only going on a holiday over Christmas. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but I want to live my life in a way that I can tell people crazy adventure stories. Just squeeze as much out of it as I can really, and see what the world has to offer.

– My dream is to make the world a better place. And I hope that modelling can give me a platform to do that. It’s true that models have an impact on young girls/children and I want to be a positive influence for them and teach them that treating everyone equally is so important in life. I’d also love to be a movie star and do all the biggest campaigns in the world haha but that’s what every model wants.

– My dream is to do something genuinely stimulating & fulfilling, whether that involves modelling or not. At the moment it doesn’t, but it’s still early days .

– Hopefully one day I’ll work for Prada. Been my dream since I first started, whether it be walking for the label or shooting.

– I dream that one day Ill own a dog. I love them

– To make music everyday.

– What I want most in life is to have meaningful relationships with people. Kind of the opposite of what I do most of the time.

– A room full of bubble wrap and disco balls and 90’s hip hop.

– My dream is simple: to be the best I can be in this job. In the future, I’d like to look back and feel the absolute satisfaction of knowing that I tried my hardest in this industry, no matter the outcome. I hope to stay driven and hard working for as long as I see fit, and take whatever comes to simply enjoy where this crazy journey takes me.





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Model Maison – Molly Gay



This is an edit from the beautiful website called Model-Maison. Model-Maison is a project of love and dedication that has seen the photographer, Cybele Malinowski shoot models in their bedrooms all over the suburbs of Sydney, LA, London, Ukraine and shanghai. Each week we will be featuring a new model from Model- Maison.

Photography // Cybele Malinowski

Model // Molly Gay @ Chadwicks

Stylist // Angela Liang

fashion credits // Limedrop Dress, Kinga Ksilla silk pants

5 Mind-Bogglingly Bad Celeb Hairstyles of 2015



By Simi A Mira

Everybody has a bad hair day once in a while—hat hair, bedhead, impromptu spikes or tangles you forgot about. And then there are the bad hairstyles that last for weeks on end. Whether a bad breakup or drunken string of fashion ideas is to blame, these looks are truly a sight to behold. They’re inspiring… inspiring you to flee and never even think about imitating them. So in a way, we should be thanking these celebrities for steering us in the right direction. Too bad they had to crucify themselves to do so.

GIGI HADID – The Poser Bob

Something looks off with this one even at first glance. It has the appearance of limpness, even with a little bit of body! While straight hair isn’t always a bad thing (as a matter of fact, it seldom is), this hair just looks like you can’t do much if anything with it in the name of styling. The reason is probably that Gigi used a partial wig to make it look like she had a bob, pinning her longer hair out of sight behind it. This just goes to prove that rocking your own hair is pretty much always the better option.

SHIA LABEOUF – The Rat-tail Braid

Not trying to be heteronormative here—but some dudes just can’t pull off braids. Mostly it’s because they try to mix short hair with really long hair… like a mullet on steroids. That look really doesn’t work for 99.9% of people, even girls. Shia LeBeouf is no exception. If the braid is his real hair and not an extension, he does get a few brownie points for dedication. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to offset the… um… weirdness in this look. And unfortunately, weirdness isn’t always a good thing.

IGGY AZALEA – The Swedish Milkmaid Braid

Hi I’m Iggy—I’m from Sweden! (Not an actual quote—please don’t sue.) This hairstyle is pretty useless unless you’re wearing it as a conversation starter for how great the movie Trading Places is. But Iggy hasn’t released a single song about Trading Places, so she has no excuse. Iggy, what the hell?

NICKI MINAJ – White on Black

Platinum blonde hair with black roots? No thanks! Roots are dyed over for a reason. Now, if you can wear them without managing to look gross, congratulations—you’re a part of about .5% of the population who naturally look great with minimal fuss over their hair. But that’s usually when the roots are closer color-wise to the dyed hair below it. It’s virtually impossible for anybody to pull off looking good with black roots on the lightest possible blonde, and Nicky Minaj is no exception here. Please, spare us the awfulness.

JUSTIN BIEBER – Platinum What-ever-it-is

Honey, you’re not Draco Malfoy. The best thing to say about this one is that his hair, at the very least, looks healthy and well-kempt, which is difficult to achieve after bleaching. Lack of breakage will surely count for something in the long run, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, platinum hair just doesn’t match his skin tone.

From Alaska To Australia, Part 4: Casting Calls



By Jasmine Alleva

First impressions are everything and there isn’t an industry where that statement is truer than in the modeling industry. From the second your high heel hits the floor of a casting; you are being judged on every, single move you make. Not just by the casting directors – but by other models, too. It can be an insanely, anxiety-inducing experience, especially when your next paycheck (and all it provides) are dependent on how well your are received.

My first few castings (aside from the Cosmo casting) were downright brutal. While my agency was gathering my images together for my portfolio, I had to rely on my comp cards and charm to get me through castings and it wasn’t going well. At my second casting, my American accent literally got me booted from the room.

I was in shock. I had taken three bus transfers (as I was still way too apprehensive to get on a train) and walked at least five kilometers in a downpour to get to this casting and as soon as the word “hello” left my the tip of my tongue, the casting director stopped me.

“Are you an international model?”

“Yes, I actually landed here on Tuesday. I’m from Alaska in the United States.”

“I said no f*cking international models.”

Was she joking? Did she really just curse at me? The other models looked at me with sympathy as I picked up my soaked bag full of wrinkled comp cards and showed myself to the door.

A week later, I was at, what I like to call, a “cattle call casting” otherwise known as the worst type of casting. Usually castings are small and intimate, maybe one or two girls at a time. But cattle calls are exactly what they sound like: dozens upon dozens of girls competing for the same job, lining up like cattle in their all black ensembles.

I don’t want to further propagate or confirm the stereotype that models are catty. That simply isn’t true. However, some people are catty and some of those catty people happen to be models and in the small world of modeling, you are bound to run into a few.

A cattle call casting is a breeding ground for cattiness and boy, is it unbearable. The constant stares and up-down glances made me want to shrivel up and crawl away. Then I found out the casting was for underwear, which made things worse because we had to strip down to our skivvies in front of all of the other girls, while hearing their snickers and negative comments audibly. I was nervous, intimidated, and felt extremely uncomfortable. This was exemplified to the casting directors and I did not get the job.

Within the same week, I had a casting for a hair runway show. The casting was inside of a dingy, old bar with red lights illuminating the staircase. I climbed three sets of stairs, careful to watch my step on the dimly lit wood. When I entered the room, about six other models shot their eyes into my direction. A stack of forms sat atop a small coffee table, with questions asking what type of hair we had and if we would be okay with coloring it.

My name was called and I handed the casting director my form. It read: “brunette, wavy, thick and depends on compensation.”

The casting director said, “Oh, a diva, are we?”

I laughed hesitantly, confused as to why not wanting to damage my hair was considered a diva worthy request. He then asked me to walk down a make shift runway. I obliged and stomped my boots up and down the floor, with perfectly measured speed and attitude.

He then said, “Strange to be a diva when you haven’t got a walk.”

Again, I was in shock. He didn’t even want my comp card and told me to keep it. Maybe he was upset I didn’t want to color my hair? Who knew? Needless to say, I also did not get that job.

No two castings are the same, so you never know what to expect. Maybe the casting director wants your hair down and its up. Maybe the casting director wants your face made up and its bare. The margin for error is so small and you may never know why you didn’t book a job.

The scary stories always stand out in our minds because of how they made us feel. I have plenty of positive casting stories. More often than not, casting directors are decent people just doing their jobs and at the end of the day, every model has to realize that.

However, models are still human beings and deserved to be treated with human respect. If any casting director has the unmitigated audacity to patronize me and turn me away, it was never worth my time or heart to work with them anyway. There will always be more jobs. Never compromise your self-esteem; it can take years to repair.


The Models Turned Actors



By Brandis Ohlsson

Just as inevitable as a models dating rock stars, models will eventually tire of the catwalks and branch out into other careers. A career path often attempted but rarely succeeded at? The infamous model turned actress. Cindy Crawford, Kate Upton, and Tyra Banks are all examples of very famous models who when made the jump to the big screen, turned out to be better mannequins than thespians. Milla Jovovich, Rebecca Romijn, and Brooke Shields, however, turned out to be not so bad at the whole acting gig and have managed to cultivate accomplished acting careers.

2015 brings us director George Miller’s Mad Max: Furry Road, a bit of a movie remake, and with it, another slew of models hoping to join the ranks of their model peers Jovovich, Romijn, and Shields and be taken seriously as actresses.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely, who sits on models.com Money Girls list and holds a cover for basically any and every fashion magazine known to fashionistas makes her major big screen acting debut as the leader of the sister wives in the Mad Max remake, going by the name The Splendid Angharad.

Courtney Eaton is a 19-year-old model from Bunberry Australia, which sits very near and on the same coast as Perth, aka land of the most beautiful people on the entire planet. On the Mad Max screen, she goes by Cheedo the Fragile. When not working on becoming a major screen siren, Courtney is signed by model agency powerhouse Vivien’s Model Management.

Abbey Lee Kershaw, high fashion’s cool girl, joins Huntington-Whitely on models.com’s Money Girls list, but also sits upon the Industry Icon’s list. Obviously well known as a model, when interviewed by Marie Claire about her acting turn, Kershaw explained, “No one knows who the fuck I am.” If Mad Max does as good as well as it’s expected to, that may soon change.

Abbey Lee out acted over a thousand girls to earn herself a role in the George Miller flick. Aside from fellow models Whitely and Eaton, Kershaw shares the screen with Zoë Kravitz and Riley Keough, who both have had some fashion moments themselves. Zoë, the daughter of music legend Lenny Kravitz, moonlights as a model for Women Management and has fronted a T by Alexander Wang campaign, and Keogh, the granddaughter of the King himself -Elvis Presley – is on the board at DNA and has been cast in campaigns for Lee Jeans and Mango.

You can’t talk about Mad Max: Fury Road without mentioning the movie’s leading actors, Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy, who, by the way, both got their start as, you guessed it … models.

Of acting, Abbey Lee has said “This is a true passion, so I’m not going to take it lightly,” and “I want to be challenged, and with that comes being selective about the things I go for.” With drive like that, these ladies are sure to be able to jump the shark to become Hollywood forces to be reckoned with.

New Year, New You – A Sneak Peak Into Next Years Hottest Trends



By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

With the new year right around the corner and the Christmas holiday season approaching at lightning speed, this is a great time to take a sneak peek at the hottest fashion trends for 2016 and do some shopping for others, as well as for yourself. Below is a list of closet must-haves trending in the upcoming year. Please keep in mind that these items are also popular now if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

The Oversized Clutch
The oversized clutch comes in a multitude of colors, textures and sizes, and is the perfect purse to compliment any outfit. Popular styles include the oversized envelope scaled up in size complete with beads or tassels and the portfolio; a self-expressed billboard showcasing logos, cowhides or even fur. Last but not least, is the duffel clutch which brings a new trend to the oversized clutch family with its unique shape.

The Bandana.
This surprise fashion return has turned into a versatile must-have accessory for winter 2015/2016. The bandana has been described as the breakout neckwear of the season and new year, debuting in a variety of colors and styles. The classic variation and oversized silhouette can be found in metallic material, graphics and jeweled accents.

The Backpack
We are not talking about a school fashion trend here. The backpack purse has returned in the classic backpack style, with the addition of the sling along the rucksack and classic backpack styles. Straps are usually leather or even fur, and the classic backpack has an updated look with a chunky zipper.

The Blanket Scarf
The blanket scarf is a glamorous and popular trend for 2015-2016. This sleek wardrobe accompaniment adds an abundance of style to any outfit. The popular styles include Sherpa-lined patchwork, graphics and basic lines.

The Tall Boot
While boots have been trending the last couple of seasons, the tall boot is the popular trend for 2015-2016. These boots are typically above-knee length and there are several unique distinctions to this footwear trend. The variations include tall sneaker boot, tall wedge boot and the oversized shaft boot.

The Oversized Gem
The oversized gem is not limited to necklaces, but this latest fashion trend also includes earrings and bracelets. This bold accessory look is composed of beautiful large, chunky crystals or a variety of different gemstones. As the latest jewelry sensation, this makes anyone make an unforgettable statement when combining this accessory with any outfit.

The Parka
It’s time to say goodbye to the ski jacket look, as the parka we are talking about here is nothing less than high fashion to start out the season. The parka, while a casual outerwear must-have, has been glammed up with the addition of optional fur-lined hoods and sassy quilted patterns. Patch pockets are typically present, along with functional drawstring waists or quarter zippers.

The Oversized Sweater
This fashion trend is just in time for winter 2015 and the new year. The oversized sweaters take on the rounded shape that have recently appeared on jackets, complete with dropped shoulders. Long knitted sleeves add to the elongated silhouettes and necklines vary from classic crews to turtlenecks.

A Model’s Diet On The Run



By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

Hectic is a word that doesn’t begin to describe a model’s life on the run, from waking up at the crack of dawn, to squeezing in a workout before a shoot, and managing to consume a healthy breakfast while scrambling to run out the door. Busy is a complete understatement and if a model is able to manage a quick healthy breakfast, what does a model do the rest of the day for food in between photo shoots, or appointments for prospective jobs and fittings? Here are a couple of diets/menu items that anyone can benefit from a health perspective combined with a busy lifestyle.

Clean eating – Victoria’s Secret models swear by this diet

In its most simplest of definitions, clean eating is eating healthy, non-processed foods. While most corporate employees think they are doing themselves a favor eating a low calorie frozen lunch, the truth is while many are low calorie there is typically still an excess of salt and preservatives. Many models swear by organic fruits and vegetables for a quick slim down and the key to eating clean is planning ahead to prepare fresh foods. Again, most models avoid the carbs here and stick to low-carb meals such as fresh grilled salmon with a side of vegetables.

Staying hydrated

Staying hydrated in between appointments is not only key to staying energetic and healthy, but H20 will also keep a model on the run feeling full in between shoots/appointments. Most models will avoid sweet energy drinks that are full of calories. They are generally are unhealthy due to high-sugar content and keep a bottle of water on hand at all times.

Choose wisely if it comes down to fast food

As much as we all plan ahead, sometime we are faced with fast food as a last resort. The key is (and to quote Indiana Jones – The Last Crusade) “choose wisely.” If you are faced with having to dine out, always choose a salad with low-fat dressing instead of fried foods. The smart choice here (aside from the salad) is a low-cal dressing, as many creamy dressings may be pushing the calorie limit just as high as fried food options, such as French fries. This is a perfect situation where planning ahead comes in quite handy, as some models will pack a mini cooler complete with yogurt, fruits, cottage cheese, vegetables and nuts; complete with bottled water.

Healthy breakfasts to go

Without question, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day (and everyone always should keep this meal healthy in order to keep one’s energy continuing throughout lunch).There are a couple of meals on-the-go that are healthy and easy for planning ahead. First, while most models avoid carbs, breakfast is the time to have them, as your body has time to burn them off throughout the day. There are a bunch of healthy homemade muffin recipes one can prepare ahead of time and then freeze, so you always have a stash on hand. Oatmeal is also a great healthy option for a breakfast on-the-go as it is a quick, whole grain option with many low-sugar options. You can also stock up on packets and make oatmeal onsite, whenever there is a hot water line/coffee maker at photoshoots.


Find Out What Your Cravings Mean



By Jessica Sepel – @jshealth

Craving meat?

Your iron levels may be low and so you need to listen to this craving and eat meat 2-3x/week. If you are vegan, check your iron levels and see if you need a supplement or to incorporate more iron-rich foods in your diet.

Craving carbs?

Perhaps you are low on energy. My suggestion is to swap to wholegrain gluten free sources of carbs e.g.: brown rice, quinoa, and sweet potato. And to ensure you eat protein with each meal to keep your blood sugar levels balanced while your body digests these carbs. Examples of protein sources include: meat, chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, legumes, beans, tempeh.

Your gut may also not be in great shape, which can make you crave carbs. A gut cleanse can sometimes assist with this.

Craving sugar?

You probably eating too much sugar! You need to go sugar free. It is hard at first but once you stop you will stop needing it. My suggestion is to completely cut sugar out of your diet. And keep even the healthy sugars to a minimum. For example eating low sugar fruits such as berries, grapefruit and lemons. I also love to suggest magnesium and chromium supplements to help you to manage cravings. Avoid anything from a packet! They trigger cravings.

Craving fat? 

Usually this means your hormonal system needs some love. Just enjoy good fats as opposed to the bad one – enjoy avocado, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, olive oil etc.

Jenner On The Block



By Pavlina Hatzopoulos

There’s a new name on fashion folks’ lips and it doesn’t look like she’ll be fading anytime soon. That name is Kendall Jenner; Kardashian baby sister turned social media sensation turned high fashion model. She’s been making waves lately, having just nabbed a highly lucrative beauty contract with cosmetic company Estee Lauder and even more recently, earning herself a coveted spot in Karl Lagerfeld’s Spring 2015 ad campaign, AND gracing the cover of American Vogue’s latest issue. However, it’s on everyone’s minds; is it the case of a model working hard to achieve success or downright nepotism?


While Kendall might impress some designers and editors (whether it’s for her talent or her 16 million Instagram follow count, I’m not quite sure), she certainly doesn’t impress the other models. Reports from New York Fashion Week in September detail how some models ‘bullied’ Kendall and even went as far as to butt out their cigarettes in her drink, to show they felt she had no right to be there. After all, she did land a cosmetic giant contract after merely two seasons in the industry, compared to fellow Estee Lauder ambassadors Joan Smalls and Constance Jablonski, who have been in the modelling biz since 2007 and 2006 respectively.

Writer Arisce Wanzer, of theblot.com, wrote an open letter to Kendall regarding her ‘model bullying,’ in which some pretty harsh things were said, including;

“Take a moment and remove yourself from your current situation, if you can, to a life that isn’t riddled with excess and only hearing the word “yes” to your wants and requests.”

“What is she doing here? Did she take the subway? Was she at the casting? What agency is she with? I didn’t see her last season … Does she need MORE fame? MORE money? A green card perhaps? Doesn’t she get enough cash from that show that all of ignorant America glamorizes? Didn’t her sister have sex with someone on camera and profit from the video sales to get their family its new line of limelight? This girl didn’t do and doesn’t owe half of what you did (remember, you’re NOT “KJ” in this scenario) to get here today, that much is certain. Her mommy surely called a top agency, got her in the door and the design houses just chose to milk her fame like the cash cow that it is. One by one like dominos from Vogue to Givenchy, fashion is selling out to the ignorant masses for money. What happened to the art, the cerebral part of fashion? Did it really all die with Alexander McQueen?”

It’s not only the other models that aren’t too happy about Kendall’s success, but also the public. On the announcement of her contract with Estee Lauder, people commented on news articles saying they refused to ever buy Estee Lauder products again. Kendall responded to this negative criticism saying, “I’m not trying to use a family name or anything. In reality I worked pretty hard for this… It wasn’t like I just got it magically and it just happened”. And it seems Kendall is more of a help than a hindrance to the brand, as her and her 16 million Instagram followers have increased the Estee Lauder Instagram following by 50k.

So it seems, whether you like it or not; Kendall Jenner’s no one season wonder, and with her recent work to go by, she might be the hottest topic in the fashion world for a few more seasons to come.

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