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Our Top 5 Most Fashionable Movies



By Simi A Mira

Movies are a great way to escape from reality – to delve into a fantasy world for a couple of hours and abandon the stresses and tensions of reality. Another great reason for settling down with some popcorn and your PJs is to scope out some styling tips courtesy of Hollywood. Here are some of the top movie fashion inspirations that have enthused their audience with their amazing style.

1. Clueless

Two decades later and Clueless still manages to inspire and impress with it’s high fashion and 90’s cool. From quirky tweeds to plaid, this film encapsulates what the 90’s had to offer for fashion. The colours were bold and the baggy jeans sported by the high school boys in the film were the epitome of 90’s California. More than just a fashion inspiration, this movie was a cult hit and is still referenced in popular culture today.

2. Dazed And Confused

Set during 1970’s summer, Dazed & Confused is a massive offbeat hit – not everybody knows about it, but everybody knows the fashion. From the washed out printed t-shirts, the slogan sweatshirts that are an ever popular designer and high street favourite, Dazed & Confused summarizes retro cool. We implore you to watch this film and not want to go and buy some woven belts and acid wash jeans.

3. The Devil Wears Prada

There couldn’t be a movie fashion inspiration list without this title on there. Bringing high fashion to a new generation, the Devil Wears Prada contrasted (and perhaps converted) the grunge-like fashion that was so popular upon it’s release. Teens were now aware of the beauty of a pair of Jimmy Choos and were in awe at the wonder of Chanel bags – all because of the wisdom of this film. The film even inspired subtle fashion changes, such as the in-Vogue style of glasses that were widespread before it’s release.

4. Black Swan

This dark, artsy film was a smash hit with the creative movie goers as well as the avid flick fan. Maybe the sultry, mysterious fashion exuded from the film has something to do with that? From the elegant ballerina costumes to the subtle accessories that accompanied them – the style was graceful and memorable.

5. Pulp Fiction

An iconic classic that many people cite as their favourite film of all time. Bursting with wearable fashion, nostalgia and and urge to be Uma Thurman, this film really should be on your “must watch” list if you haven’t already seen it. Cool cotton dresses, laid-back denim shirts, bang-on-tend bomber jackets and Uma Thurman’s well-fitting wardrobe, this film will have you hitting the rewind button.

And that concludes our Top 5 Most Fashionable Movies. From grunge to high fashion – who’s style will you be taking inspiration from?

5 Tips To Stop Over Eating



By Jessica Sepel – The Healthy Life

Why do I keep eating even though I am full?

I so get you. You are sitting at your meal, and you can’t help but finish every morsel of food left on your plate – even though you are full or perhaps you weren’t even hungry in the first place.

I have been there.

It almost feels like you can’t control it.

But you can. It takes time and practice, but you will get there.

There are many reasons we overeat or don’t listen to the “full signal.” From my experience, though, it is about this simple concept – we have lost the connection with our bodies.

We simply don’t listen to our bodies needs or we don’t love them enough to listen.

When it comes to overeating at meals or bingeing there is also an emotional and physical reason:

Emotional: you are hungry for something. Not food. Something in your life is missing, so food fills this gap. Or, something is making you feel uncomfortable and food is your distraction/escape.

Physical: you haven’t eat enough during the day. Or, you have unbalanced blood sugar levels from eating irregular meals and sugar filled/processed foods. Or, you are not eating enough satiating macro nutrients (eg: food fats and protein) and you can’t help but eat when you get your hands on food.

I don’t blame you.

What to do?

1. Start to fall back in love with yourself.

When you have enough love and respect for your body – you would never want to overfill it with food until you feel uncomfortable. I have a section of my book, The Healthy Life, dedicated to this.

2. Eat regular meals.

From my nutritional knowledge and personal experience, people thrive off eating 5 small meals per day. The two snacks in between really balance your blood sugar levels and prevent you from overeating. My 5pm snack really helps me from overeating at dinner. Those who overeat at dinner tend to end up bingeing after dinner. That 5pm snack can prevent this.

3. Uncover old pain in your life.

See a good therapist – this saved my life! It is painful and sometimes expensive, but worth it.

4. Eat protein and good fats.

They are the two most satiating macronutrients – eat them with every meal! No better way! And they are so good for hormonal balance. Give up sugar, processed foods and refined carbs to balance blood sugar for life.

5. Remember that food is abundant.

Your next meal is just around the corner. Say this to yourself at each meal. Food is not going anywhere. This reminder really helped me.

All Models Linger



By Model Eve Liu
Major Models NY & Jaz Daly Sydney

The night before NYFW, I’m awoken by my vibrating phone to the image of my blank Netflix screen and the feeling of my head in my packet of popcorn.

Before I moved to New York, I liked to imagine my life as many giggling teenage girls did; a lot of Carrie Bradshaw moments where pigeons parted at my Margiela feet, and strange but beautiful characters emerging out of cabs in Houston street to change my life forever. But two solid years later, I still find myself pushed up against men who have never heard of an annual shower in the subway that already smells like ancient urine, and my body is less Candice Swanepoel and more pre-pubescent boy. So when I wake up to the smell of my cheddar popcorn, I’m not so shocked anymore. It becomes my little childish ‘fuck-you’ to fashion week.

What can I say about modeling that hasn’t already been said? People talk about the eating disorders and the sexual assaults, they glorify the Victoria’s Secret Angels and the Calvin Klein billboards, and assume Cara, Gigi, and Karlie represent us all. But there are stories within the sensationalized, and there are real people underneath the gloss and the dirt. When I was scouted in Australia at 14, I was so young and fresh and unknown. I was unquestionably heroine for the casting directors, and I saw the best of the industry. When you are young you don’t care so much for what you don’t understand. I walked for Hermès without knowing what it really meant, and I threw away my editorials in GQ after ripping out the pictures of Ryan Gosling. I had a wonderful agency and kind agents who protected me, and I let that innocence reign over all else.

When I moved to New York for college and began modeling there, suddenly it all felt real. You cannot model in New York without caring about it – no matter how Freja Beha your aura is, and how many packs you smoke. It’s hard not to care when you’re sent to Estee Lauder castings that will pay you 5 digits for a day’s effort, or when Joan Smalls shows up at Model Lounge the same time you accidentally step on Chanel Iman’s foot. When you’re racing to your 7th casting before making your 2nd fitting and it’s dawn and the lights of the buildings bounce off each other in a way that is only possible in New York, you feel as though you are achieving many things. That’s the magic of this city; you feel as though any second you will turn a corner on Lexington and some fucking great thing will swallow you whole, and your life becomes the music video to Empire State of Mind. Because modeling in New York is very real and it’s very fast, and people are not so honest and so you feel as though every opportunity is translucent. I meet many 13 year old girls from Ukraine at castings, and they all exude that aura so many of us had when we first came to this city. An aura of invincibility cushioned by awkward modesty – there’s an inherent belief in the very beautiful. When I see that in them, it’s both nostalgic and heartbreaking.

Photographer Dennison Betram

Photographer Georges Antoni

What I want to say is this: modeling is more than the romanticized image of a beautiful anorexic girl staring at her diet coke. It’s more than the stunning girl standing next to Karl who even your oblivious mother can mouth out a first name at a glance of her profile. And it’s more than the street style snaps, the after parties at 1OAK, the random acting classes, and the untouched salad. I meet so many beautiful people everyday, so inspiring, so creative, so shiny. But I have also met the opposite. Modeling is a profession, like anything else, but at the same time, it’s difficult to classify. When everything is defined so physically, who are you to know what is real and what is not? That is why I and so many others I know cannot make up our minds on whether we are in love with it completely, or if we want to shoot our brains out at the mere prospect of another casting. Perhaps in retrospect, we will come to know.

I’m a little older now, no longer fourteen, and I don’t feel as young as when I first stepped foot in New York City. I am twenty, but for some reason I cannot add the only. You don’t realize how fast you change here. The opportunities and moments that had seemed to me so important a few months ago have dimmed, and my life itself has sharpened in contrast. It’s not that I don’t care about modeling anymore; it’s just that I don’t care so much. It has never been the center of my life – I have always cared more about my classes and my major and who I will inherently become. Had I cared about it completely, let modeling become my one career focus, I think I would have been rather broken. Maybe I am not as strong as the rest, but I understand who I am and what I need. I think you should never confuse your passion with what makes you money. If the two overlap, then you are a goddamn lucky asshole, but the purpose of doing what you love shouldn’t be the dollar bills. If you work for any other reason besides passion and love, you cannot make anything authentic. And I have always known that modeling is my money job – I don’t make anything close to Liu Wen, but I make a lot more in a single day than a month waiting tables. I value my time and freedom because I don’t get a lot of it, and so I take what I can get. But there is no authenticity in modeling, for me at least, and my passion lies elsewhere. I am in love with fashion and film and art, and modeling helps me channel that at times. I am always thankful for the experience, the people I meet, the clothes I get to wear, and the moments themselves. But I believe they only bring me closer to where I am supposed to be, and modeling itself isn’t enough to hold me. I wonder if there’s a way I could have worded that without sounding like I have a stick up my ass, but I only mean that it is important to never let something become your entire universe. I always feel a little awkward when someone labels me as a ‘model,’ not because I am ashamed, but because I have never felt like I am one. There shouldn’t be an idea of an identity, of finding out who you are supposed to be, or becoming that one thing you are destined for. Because if I have learnt anything in my years of trying to be a chameleon, it’s that nothing is permanent and life is change. We do what we think is best, and when we know better, we do better. We adapt and we evolve, and become who we want to when we want to. Perhaps modeling makes up a piece of who I am at twenty, but it is only until I graduate onto my next identity.

Many of us will fade out. Ours isn’t a career that creates many memorable names. Maybe it’s part of our beauty, the elusiveness, or maybe it’s what makes our tragedy. I used to have this naïve belief that I was different from the rest, a little paler maybe, or my eyes were more special, or my earlobe the perfect amount of awkward. But models are all special, and there are always fresher faces, younger girls, taller girls, skinnier girls. And so I have learned to experience the moments, let it rest, and befriend the few real girls who also like to read, to swear a lot, to accept refusals as growths of character and not attacks on their physical attributes. I look at it all fondly now. I am relaxed and ready, always ambitious, but never expectant. We’re models, yes, but we’re also just young girls, experimenting and learning, even as another, even behind a lens. In New York at 3am, we all had our moments. We had the Meat-packing parties and the free bottle service. We had the conversations about our weight, bitching about our bookers, rubbing our blistered feet. We shared eye-rolls across hallways in sketchy fashion week castings, and we had rappers trying to take us home. We shared cigarettes, even those of us who didn’t smoke, shared nude bras, shared a black jean, shared dreams and boroughs and ambitions. We love modeling as much as we hate it. And so many of us will leave, will go back to school, will marry, will move to the West coast, will spend our pay-checks on Ann Demeulemeester boots. But our experiences bind us together, no matter how big you make it, or how hard you fail, through weight gains and college degrees, and through shitty male model boyfriends to even shittier village men. And so when I look at faces in magazines now, I see colors and personalities and stories, and for a few seconds, I understand them like nobody else.

In New York, as in modeling, we all wait for our moment in which the city falls in love with us. But even if you never get your Saint Laurent exclusive, or even if you do, the stories you hold never lessen or increase. Because you have your moments, and even if they are not perfect, they are yours. You are who you are, model or not, and if you find your reasons and your obsessions, you’ll linger.

Photographer Natalia Parsonson


The Wardrobe Cleanse, Part 4: The Shopping List



By Stylist Jenni Sellan

Retail is therapy, and we all know that too much of a good thing can result in other kinds of therapy, so lets put a few guidelines in place as we work towards the exchange of our well earned cash for some new additions to the family.

Remember: Quality over quantity. Stick to the list. Establish your budget

The Basics
This process is focused on building our core wardrobe  The building blocks. Establish a strong core before adding too many seasonal or on trend pieces.
The list below is a guide to what you will need.

Remember when scrolling through to keep  in mind that quantities and certain items may vary based on your budget, lifestyle,  your personal style and the climate you live in and it does not include accessories or shoes.

It works because each piece can be mixed and matched with plenty of room for play and creativity, and remember that high rotation on these pieces can be expected which is why quality will play an important factor.

The Absolute Minimum.
A coat. In warmer climates a light weight trench is the perfect solution; Navy, Black or neutral hues will work wonders.

3 -4 Jackets; Navy and Black would be my top two picks and make sure at least one is tailored. It’s always fun to have a statement piece and I also recommend a denim jacket – so versatile and the perfect weekend piece.

4 pairs of trousers / pants. This includes jeans

6 tops (shirts and blouses).  Make sure you include collared shirts, at least one white button down and add a statement making top to your selection.

4-5 Tee-shirts – at least one black and one white. 2-3 light weight knits – can include jumpers and or cardigans. 3 Skirts – include a pencil skirt, an A line and a straight or a maxi, depending on your style. Also consider a denim skirt.

4-5 Dresses – a little black dress (LBD), a dress that can be worked back for several occasions and a special occasion piece will be included in this section. AND my wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a Kaftan or three… so I’m including it here..


As you prepare for your shopping trip, review this list, consult your little black book and check it against what you currently have in your wardrobe. You are now ready to shop!

It will be nothing less than chic xo

5 Routine Daily Exercises



By Naima Karp

Since most of us are totally helpless when it comes to exercise, we’ve hired a Pilates expert to give you a few tips on how to fit key fitness moves into your daily routines. Here are five of the most effective moves you need to add to your daily exercises.

The Roll Up

The Roll Up is one of the most effective Pilates moves (one roll up can be equal to multiple sit-ups). The key here is slow movement – people often equate strength with fast movements that burn your body out quickly, but the slowness here helps you gain stability and strength in your core. Rather than propelling your chest up into a sitting position, slowly and gradually curl up starting from the shoulder blades, then curling into the upper abs, until you eventually fold over both legs as far as you can reach. Reverse the process as you roll back down. Remember to keep your back neutral: this means minimal arch in the lower back, which will result in more core work and will also protect your spine from injury. (2 reps. Of 25.) 

Leg Circles

For this exercise, lie on your back and lift your legs up straight. Make circles or semi-circles with your legs – the smaller and more controlled the movement is, the tighter the results in your glutes and thighs will be. Reverse the circles midway through, and play around with simultaneous circles with both legs, eventually evolving into a move called the corkscrew. The corkscrew is where you keep both legs glued together and make large circles with them, reversing the direction of the circle halfway through a rep. This will provide some good burn on the lower abs as well as your legs, cutting even more time off your workout. (3 reps. Of 30.)


Balancing on your forearms, stretch your body out to a push up position. Keep your back as straight as possible and draw your belly button into your spine. For more oblique work, tap your right hip bone to the ground, return to center, tap your left hip bone to the ground. For more arm work, alternate between lying on your forearms and pushing yourself up to a full push-up position (if you can, sneak in one pushup per rep). To tone up your butt, alternate lifting legs as you hold your plank position. (3 reps. Hold each plank for 30 seconds, or challenge yourself to a full minute.) 

Tricep Dips

You don’t have to miss a minute of that Real Housewives episode for this one. Pull a chair up next to the TV and press your palms into the seat. Your feet should be shoulder width apart. With your butt in the air, positioned like a Roman chair, push yourself up and down. Make sure to straighten your arms as your propel yourself up. Try lifting one hand off and propelling yourself upwards with the other. Keep your core tight, sucking your belly button in. (3 reps. Of 20.)


All around body toner: The Hundred

For The Hundred, you need to make a v-shape with your body. Lift your shoulders up as well as your legs, with only your bottom glued to the ground (if bringing your shoulder blades off the ground is too difficult, keep your head and neck up). With your legs up in the air, stick your arms out straight and pulse them up and down. If you want more leg work, play around with crossing your legs or scissoring them at various paces. For more core work, you can pulse your upper body up and down on an angle. (3 reps. Of 15 second holds.)

The Classic Catalogue Shoot



By Carrie Lynn
Blog – OnOption

I was shooting for a department store last week.  Typical catalog shoot…smile…fake laugh…doing my thing…being me, but more happy!  I always enjoy shooting catalogs.  I can’t think of any models that don’t!  I’m sure the generous paycheck has a lot to do with it!  But, it’s also simple.  All you have to do is be natural and unnaturally happy!

Anyway, I was shooting for this client all day, getting the usual good feedback.  They like what I’m doing…they think they have the shot…yada yada yada.  It wasn’t until later in the day that they asked me to walk.  (For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about.  It is as it sounds.  They wanted to photograph me walking.)

Does anyone else hate this as much as I do?  I find the walk to be an insult!  It’s basically like saying, “You suck! Everything you’re doing sucks!  What you’re doing doesn’t look natural.” Don’t get me wrong, I understand these shots look everyday, lifestyle-like.  I mean, we’ve only been walking since we were toddlers.  I’d be kind of worried if you were having trouble!  Nevertheless, resorting to the most basic human function, other than breathing, just burns my bacon!  Stop insulting me and have a little creativity!!  Let me dance or run or jump!!! Ha ha.

Not too bad

I obviously understand that these things would not look normal in all situations!  But neither does the one step walk.  I hate limitations!  At least let me have two or three steps? Maybe an open field?  The one step walk just doesn’t cut it.  Especially when you get the a**hole who has to direct you like its your first time. “And step…and step…and step.”  ALRIGHT!  I get it buddy!  This isn’t walking 101!!!

It’s even better when you’re told to switch legs!  As if starting with my left leg is going to be any different from starting with my right, when you’re shooting me straight on!  These geniuses clearly haven’t discovered the FLIP option in Photoshop!  I’m still hoping someone ends all of this one-step, two-step crap and leave walking strictly for the runway.  Also, praying it happens before the use for human models is overthrown by robots!

I tried to find some walking shots on my computer for your entertainment, but somehow they ‘re all too decent!  Ha ha.  I was hoping for something more tragic.  If you have any walking failures, feel free to post them!

I look uncomfortable. Where’s my other arm? (Someone shouldn’t have let me eat all the donuts.) SEMI-FAIL!

I was really walking backwards in this shot. I’d say it was a success!

The Wicked Game Collection



As a stylist working in the fashion industry over the last ten years I have had my hands on more dresses than you would believe. Up until now, I have had to style models in other designers clothes, but for the first time since our launch, I was approached by a company called Fame & Partners to call upon my creative design skills and collaborate on a collection for summer. A take on the little black dress. Overwhelmed, but tickled with excitement I started pulling together references and sketches for the 10 piece collection we were going to produce in the short time I was back in Sydney for. (one month to be exact)…

I assumed with most design collabs that this type of process would take months of back and forth, picking out swatches, color options, fittings on models, amendments… but not with a company like F&P. These guys are dynamite on crack, churning out the latest styles and customizations for there customers in a matter of weeks.

It was GO time.

I sat down with Lucy, the head designer about a week after I produced the sketches and I was already picking out fabrics from her trip to china that weekend. These guys were good. In what felt like a millions emails and photos  back and forth in only a short period of time, the dresses arrived to my doorstep the night before we were shooting the campaign. I was smitten. Beautifully made and curated from start to finish…… I could tell this was going to be the start of something very special.

So ladies (and maybe) gents, here is the result of our collaboration with Fame & Partners. The WICKED GAME collection, inspired and named after the supermodels of our time.

The collection is available for pre-sale today here!


Look bang on trend in flirty mesh and figure-hugging bodycon.

Naomi features a bodycon silhouette, thin spaghetti straps, and sheer mesh panels at waist and skirt.

– Nude mesh
– Bodycon
– Center back zip
– Slight scoop neckline
– Thin straps

Main: PontiContrast: Power mesh
Lining: Stocking jersey (black panels only)

Keep your look classic and sexy with mesh pumps, a croc-embossed clutch and chunky pearl accessories.


Kate is a sleeveless one-shoulder design with a softly-draped front and back, and draped shoulder panel at the back.

– One shoulder
– Fabric detailing at single strap
– Draped front
– Mini length

Main Fabric: Luxe lightweight silver jersey
Lining: Matte stretch satin



Bring the party with a daring dose of glamour.

Coco is an intricately embroidered two-piece set featuring a tie-neck halter crop top. The embroidered maxi skirt features an inner mini lining and a high slit for added edge.

– Halter neck
– Crop
– Tie at neck
– Rouleaux loop at back

– Skirt veiling
– Front side high split
– Partially lined
– Center back zip

Fabric: Main: Embroidered OrganzaLining: Matte Satin

Vamp it up with Gothic accessories — a velvet choker, spiked heels and a deep burgundy lip will add a sultry feel


Edgy matte sequins offer a modern take on the mod shift dress for an uber-cool look.

Tara is a sequined mini dress featuring a sporty crew neckline, cap sleeves, strong shoulders and a flirty shift silhouette.

– Shoulder pads
– Mini length
– Sequin throughout
– Invisible center back zip

Main: Matte two-tone sequin
Lining: Matte woven satin lining

Let your look shine with simplistic accessories — go for leg-lengthening nude heels or sleek black booties to showcase the sparkle.


Burn up the dance floor all night in dramatic style.

Chanel is a two piece set featuring a criss-cross bandeau neckline, off-the-shoulder sleeves and a fitted cropped bodice. The skirt features a peplum detail and an asymmetrical pleated hem.

– Off the shoulder
– Crop
– Chunky center back zip

– Peplum
– Asymmetrical
– Side slit

Fabric: Main: Bonded scuba jerseyLining: Stocking jersey

Play up the glamorous Spanish-inspired style with a bold red lip and embellished heels.

Showcase your sporty side in an insta-win style.

Gisele features a bodycon silhouette with a high geo-racer neckline, mesh panels at the waist and a curved front hem.

– Side mesh cutout
– Curved front hemline
– Geo-racer neckline
– Mini length
– Invisble center back zip

Main: Ponti
Contrast: Power mesh

Indulge your sporty side with neon lipstick, a high ponytail and slick wedge sneakers.


Embrace your ethereal side in a delicately embroidered confection.

Daria is a sweet embroidered mini dress featuring a sporty crew neckline, cap sleeves and a shift silhouette.

– Lace veiling throughout
– Mini length
– Center back zip
– No lining option available, to be worn over a bikini for the beach

Fabric: Main: Embroidered OrganzaLining: Georgette

Turn yourself into a sweet confection with little girly touches — add in a glittering belt, sparkling earrings and pastel pumps — top it off with a messy braided up-do to complete the soft style.

This flirty crop top set offers a modern and sexy take on the classic LBD.

Eva is a two-piece set featuring a strapless crop top with a plunging V-neckline and a mini skirt with a dual-layered ruffled design.

– Strapless
– Deep v-neck plunge
– Crop
– Center back zip

– Mini length
– Tiered
– Box pleats

Main: Bonded scuba jersey
Lining: Stocking jersey

Show off your edgy side with a 90s-inspired choker, a quirky bag and a vampy dark lip.

Shine like a diamond in this major metallic mini.

Heidi is a metallic mini design featuring a sporty crew neckline, short sleeves and a shift silhouette.

– Pockets at front
– Short sleeves
– Chunky silver chain detailing – neck, sleeve and hemline
– Mini length
– Invisible center back zip

Main: Metallic silver lurex jersey
Lining: Matte stretch satin

Go more casual with cool holographic sneakers or dress it up with mesh booties and sleek black tights.


You’re all business up front, but we know you’re secretly a party animal.

Cindy is a origami-inspired sheath dress, featuring a high halter neckline, structural bodice, peplum waist, open back and fitted skirt, and totally backless!

– Peplum at waist
– Folded detailing at front
– Backless
– Halter neck style

Fabric: Main: Heavy-weight double bonded polyLining: Matte woven satin lining

Polish your look with a sophisticated top bun, pearl studs and a patent leather pump.






Model Maintenance



By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

Many believe it takes hours upon hours to look like a model. Depending on the type of photoshoot or project, this may be the case. There are however, simple health and beauty tips and tricks that anyone can take advantage of. The following healthy and beauty regimes are recommended by some of today’s top models (Inman, Carolyn Murphy and Arizona Muse, to name a few) and anyone can incorporate these simplest of tips in the most complex of daily beauty schedules.

Drink a lot of water

Every model on the planet will swear that H20 is their B.F.F. The benefits of water are countless, but from a model’s perspective, a key step in having your skin look great is by drinking a lot of water followed by a heavy application of moisturizer. Water also is great for preventing dehydration and headaches. The days of supermodels drinking champagne backstage during runway shows are gone. Models drink a lot of water (and, even add cucumber/lemon for flavor) which also improves organ function so they are performing at their tiptop shape.

Mix night cream with foundation

While this may sound like a very odd combination, the results are quite stunning. When you take a product like Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair and mix with any foundation, the results are a perfect sheer look. Not only is this a quick makeup tip, but it is one to guarantee a fresh, healthy looking face all day long.

Staying active

Every model has their own personalized exercise routine and most models are active on a regular basis, even when they are not strutting down the catwalk. The consensus is as follows: stay regularly active and achieve this by doing an activity you can commit to and enjoy. Another common recommendation is to keep your exercise routines in moderation. If you tend to over do something, you will burn yourself out and not want to continue your exercise regime. Model exercise favorites include Pilates, yoga and even tap dancing – to each their own.

Pay attention to the small things

Models unanimously agree that paying attention to the small things inevitable contributes to the overall big picture. For example, many women tend to neglect using mascara and heavily rely on liquid eyeliner only. Mascara defines and draws more attention to the eyes, by adding color and definition, as well as volume to the lashes. It is also universally important to pay attention to the eyebrows. Professionally shaped brows create a clean and even a dramatic look. If tweezing did not fall into your daily beauty routine, at the very least keep eyebrow gel on hand to keep the strays at bay. Finally yet importantly, always keep a quality lip balm on hand at home with a backup in your purse. Lip balm is a great way to keep your lips looking healthy and moist on the run; while creating a basic finished look.

The Top Five Cities To Become A Model



By Simi A Mira

1. Sydney, Australia

27 of Australia’s 94 modeling agencies lie in Sydney, Australia, being the top Australian city known for modeling and containing more agencies than any other Australian city alone. Considering Sydney is a large city home to well over four million residents, it’s no doubt modeling her is a plus for new or prospective models!

Some of Sydney’s top modeling agencies include Chadwick, Priscilla’s, and Wink.

2. Tokyo, Japan

If you speak and understand functional Japanese, Tokyo is a great place for models! Though it is a little tough receiving a modeling contract in Japan itself, if you’re fairly tall, and as mentioned, speak at least some Japanese, you may very well find yourself a Tokyo model in no time.

Tokyo no doubt is one of the best cities to model for if you really want to be a successful model and quickly build up your career path.

3. New York City, NY, USA

It’s clear that New York City is the place to model in the United States. Most Americans who want to pursue a modeling career do in fact move to New York City as it is the second most populated city in the U.S. home to over a whopping eight million residents. It’s clear that the Big Apple is a great city to get yourself out there modeling-wise due to its endless opportunities.

Though New York City is quite populous, making it more difficult to stand out in the crowd, literally, there are so many modeling agents available in this city just waiting for your portfolio and ready to scout a unique model.

4. Los Angeles, CA, USA

Besides New York City, Los Angeles is yet again another great U.S. city to pursue a modeling career being the most populous U.S. city considering its over ten million residents.

Keep in mind, though, that modeling in general is a very competitive career, not to mention that it is at first hard to land a modeling gig or full-on career in Los Angeles unless you are a bit more experienced or are very ambitious with your career, but L.A. is still no doubt a great place to model. After all, it is better to land a modeling career in a larger city and take a few risks than it is to model in a smaller city where there’s hardly any recognition for your talent. This city is home of the arts for sure and has plenty of opportunities if you seek them!

5. Paris, France

Paris, the city of lights, is beyond probably one of the coolest and prettiest places to model. And, of course, there are many modeling opportunities. As long as you’re over the age of 16, are fairly tall, and meet your potential Paris agency’s measurement requirements, there’s definitely a chance for you to be a Paris model!

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to model in Paris?! This city is such a dream, not to mention all of the great career accomplishments you could make modeling there, wearing only the finest of garments designed by some of the most prestigious, high-end labels! This city is definitely all about fashion.

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