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The Classic Catalogue Shoot



By Carrie Lynn
Blog – OnOption

I was shooting for a department store last week.  Typical catalog shoot…smile…fake laugh…doing my thing…being me, but more happy!  I always enjoy shooting catalogs.  I can’t think of any models that don’t!  I’m sure the generous paycheck has a lot to do with it!  But, it’s also simple.  All you have to do is be natural and unnaturally happy!

Anyway, I was shooting for this client all day, getting the usual good feedback.  They like what I’m doing…they think they have the shot…yada yada yada.  It wasn’t until later in the day that they asked me to walk.  (For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about.  It is as it sounds.  They wanted to photograph me walking.)

Does anyone else hate this as much as I do?  I find the walk to be an insult!  It’s basically like saying, “You suck! Everything you’re doing sucks!  What you’re doing doesn’t look natural.” Don’t get me wrong, I understand these shots look everyday, lifestyle-like.  I mean, we’ve only been walking since we were toddlers.  I’d be kind of worried if you were having trouble!  Nevertheless, resorting to the most basic human function, other than breathing, just burns my bacon!  Stop insulting me and have a little creativity!!  Let me dance or run or jump!!! Ha ha.

Not too bad

I obviously understand that these things would not look normal in all situations!  But neither does the one step walk.  I hate limitations!  At least let me have two or three steps? Maybe an open field?  The one step walk just doesn’t cut it.  Especially when you get the a**hole who has to direct you like its your first time. “And step…and step…and step.”  ALRIGHT!  I get it buddy!  This isn’t walking 101!!!

It’s even better when you’re told to switch legs!  As if starting with my left leg is going to be any different from starting with my right, when you’re shooting me straight on!  These geniuses clearly haven’t discovered the FLIP option in Photoshop!  I’m still hoping someone ends all of this one-step, two-step crap and leave walking strictly for the runway.  Also, praying it happens before the use for human models is overthrown by robots!

I tried to find some walking shots on my computer for your entertainment, but somehow they ‘re all too decent!  Ha ha.  I was hoping for something more tragic.  If you have any walking failures, feel free to post them!

I look uncomfortable. Where’s my other arm? (Someone shouldn’t have let me eat all the donuts.) SEMI-FAIL!

I was really walking backwards in this shot. I’d say it was a success!


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